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Thursday September 18th 2014


Tokyo vending machine »

CNNGO - Tateishi Burger is an old-school hamburger joint with a faux-modern twist: Patrons can order [...]

Some people need help to kick their internet obsession, says article you can only read on the internet Some people need help to kick »

Boston Globe - The trouble signs are all there. They don’t sleep enough, they don’t eat right, [...]

For some reason this has Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy written all over it. Oh and thank you for the fish. For some reason this has »

Gizmodo - Repair work on the Large Hadron Collider is making serious progress, with a test run of [...]

Future Watch

Will Star Trek Pirates be the »

Will Star Trek Pirates be the start of a new distribution framework or an end to Untrammeled Broadband?

io9 - Five million people downloaded copies of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie since it opened in theaters, and it's not even on DVD yet. Paramount cites [Read More]


Republicans put out their own health care bill but falls short. Republicans put out »

Washington Post - Republicans are learning an unpleasant lesson this morning: The only [...]

Comcast is so not Comcastic when it comes to the FCC. Comcast is so not »

Gismodo - As soon as FCC's Julius Genachowski takes out his mighty sword to kill internet [...]

Fact Check for last »

Pittsburge Post - (AP) President Barack Obama used only-in-Washington accounting [...]